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DriveBusiness package is suitable for small stores, location centric and convenience businesses.
Visibility in the target area is excellent with details of products, services, reviews, contact details easily accessible for the searching public.

SEO Audit

A thorough SEO audit will be the foundation of an SEO plan.
An good SEO audit plan is designed to discover areas for improvement in the website and uncover opportunities specific to clients domain. The SEO company in Bangalore team at newline AD Media conducts a comprehensive technical SEO audit prior to commencing every new project. Deploying a plethora of SEO audit tools and analysing data, search patterns and statistical information, newline SEO experts arrive at a strategy to effective compete in the marketplace.

Keyword Research

Researching keywords that perform, keywords that are fiercely competitive and filtering out underperforming key phrases are broadly some of the areas covered during the keyword research phase. The success of a SEO campaign depends on the quality of the keywords research. We witness poor quality SEO service providers fail by not focusing enough on quality keyword research.
Determining search patterns, potential volume of traffic, current quantum of searches that competitors receive are the valuable insights uncovered in the course of keyword research.

The Significance of Content in SEO

Search engines are driven by content. All types of relevant content has to be presented to search engines for that all important early recognition and eventual prominent positioning. Following the keyword research, we build authoritative content around those shortlisted keywords and present to search engines to recognize and index in its database. Among the numerous content building methods, content posted on the website, through blogs associated with the URL, published articles and social media posts are the most valid.